3 JULY 2024
ridley centre
adelaide showground

Australia's most innovative and hands-on festival of youth employment


It's What the Future? ... and it's your (free) ticket to your very own future!

If you're 14+ and want to find out about the world of work, join us on 3 July.

career expos aren't for everyone. so we designed a festival that is!

  • 100+ Activators
  • 2000+ attendees
  • focus on diversity, inclusivity, respect 
  • employers interested in what you want out of work
  • fantastic activities that can lead to real jobs
  • themed hubs
  • live music & DJ
  • delicious food and drink
  • chill out & sensory areas
  • panel/information sessions
  • age 14+ ticketed event - FREE to attend

Questions answered...

What's an Activator?

Basically they're stallholders with cool games and activities.

Importantly, they are real employers, business owners and creative thinkers. They care about your future - because you ARE the future. So they're committed to creating workplaces that are:

- diverse
- flexible
- authentic
- safe

We invite Activators from as many industries as possible (we're aiming for about 100) so you can get a good feel for what's out there in the workplace. They bring along an activity related to their work that you can try. Finally, Activators must have opportunities available, like:

- full-time, part-time or casual work
- apprenticeships
- paid trials
- work experience (through school)
- mentoring or support opportunities
- vocational education and training (VET)

Bookings for popular activities

Closer to the date you’ll be able to book a time slot for some of the more popular activities. For example, you might choose to:

- try your hand at podcasting or DJing
- make a barista coffee
- learn to change a truck tyre
- spend a VR ‘day in the life’ on a commercial fishing trawler
- find inspiration in the social enterprise of two SA high school students
- hear what it's like being in the workforce and some of the expectations

When booking your WTF? ticket, we'll ask if you want to know when bookings open.

WTF is...

Australia's most innovative and hands-on festival of youth employment, with some of South Australia's most exciting, authentic industries and brands.

Over 100 stallholders (Activators) will bring along interactive activities to offer a you window into their profession. You'll get a feel for places and industries where you might like to work, jobs you might enjoy doing, and futures you might create. You can get hands-on to see what inspires you - in a totally pressure-free environment!

Our Activators are passionate about creating opportunities. Some have availabilities like jobs, paid trials or work experience. Others offer career inspiration, vocational education and training and even entrepreneurship advice. They come to talk, listen and understand their workers of the future - you!

Come and meet our Activators they'll inspire you, and get you thinking about everything in the world of work and career.

WTF? is not...

Not your typical careers expo

Not faceless online job ads or soulless recruitment agencies

Not a career advisor who follows a generic rulebook

The organisers of WTF? are NOT your average people. Our passion is opportunity, change, diversity and mental health.

We’ve lived plenty of challenges and we don’t fit the faceless corporate mould. Our inspiration is - quite  literally - you.