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Jo Marshall

Founder and Director

Jo has over 20 years’ leadership experience across industries that include pharmacy, FMCG, facilities management and the public sector.

Long before it was a trend, Jo recognised the importance of wellbeing-led work culture and started her own business, Culturise. Jo and her team guide organisations towards high-performance through prioritising the physical and mental wellness of their people.

What the Future? is Jo’s passion project - she has a vision of a more inclusive, diverse - and much more fun - world of work.


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Andrea Overall

Project Lead

I dropped out of high school when I was 16
I’ve had over 30 jobs + been to university 3 times but never finished
My shortest job was 1.5 hours in a sandwich shop (frilly aprons... hard no)
I briefly worked in a factory - picking stray bristles off toothbrushes with pliers

I'm a natural with words – a good writer and a fast learner - so I got into communications. But everything – sometimes just getting to work – has been a challenge. I found my niche as a creative project leader and sometimes my work environment has been supportive and nurturing, my colleagues amazing. And sometimes ...not so. I've been overlooked because I'm "too different". I've been bullied and treated badly.

Turns out I have chronic ADHD. It explains my difference, why I cherish individuality, diversity and fairness. My life experiences - drifting with no career support or guidance, being treated badly in the workplace - drive my deep commitment to What the Future?  Now I’m excited for the future! 



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